Why are Lamborghini so revered?


Why are Lamborghini so revered?

The Lamborghini brand is one that oozes luxury, power and style. Founded in the 1960’s by Ferrucio Lamborghini, it has upheld an enviable reputation throughout the years. Now driven by the rich and famous, the Lamborghini has the ability to uphold individuals’ status, simply by being inside one.


Every part of the Lamborghini was built to be perfect

Interestingly enough, it is due to the invention of the Ferrari that the Lamborghini brand even exists. The competition between the two brands has existed since the inception of Lamborghini, and the reason comes down to the purpose of why the brand was created.

In the 1960’s, Ferrucio Lamborghini was running an agricultural vehicles business that was a booming success. At the same time Enzo Ferrari had established his brand as having the most luxurious cars on the market, capturing the attention of Ferrucio. As a huge fan of sports cars, Ferruccio owned a Ferrari 250 GT, but seemingly felt it had a few issues, including the clutch.

Used to agricultural clutches, Ferrucio was unsatisfied with the Ferrari clutch and felt it could be improved. When providing his suggestions to Enzo Ferrari, he was met with a rude response; Ferrari had told him to continue concentrating on his agricultural vehicle business and leave the sports cars to the experts. Ferrucio Lamborghini responded by designing and creating his very own sports car; one with a better clutch.

Ferrucio Lamborghini created his cars to be perfect, with the best clutch, engine and shape possible. With impressive speed, the very first Lamborghini was designed and built in only four months. The 350GTV was made in time to launch it at the 1963 Turin Motor Show, however only the body of the car was ready to show off. Due to Ferrucio’s perfectionism, the engine was not yet ready as he was not completely satisfied with it. It proved that Ferrucio would only showcase the elements of his car that he was satisfied with, proving to an audience worldwide that only perfectionism would be good enough for the Lamborghini.


The distinct Lamborghini design

Iconic and noticeable as soon as you lay eyes on one, the Lamborghini shape and design is known globally, The design of each model takes an entire team of workers to assemble the car together carefully.

Taking inspiration from sports, nature and lifestyle, the Lamborghini has a completely unique style. Several Lamborghini models are inspired by fighter planes including the American F-22 and B-2 aircraft, giving the models a steel-cut body, whilst the Lamborghini Aventador was apparently inspired by a green insect.

Not only is the outer shape of the Lamborghini incredibly designed, but the interior is also as incredible as the outside. Featuring grain Napa leather imported all the way from the Swiss Alps, automatic climate control, dimming mirrors and Bang & Olufesen sound systems, Ferrucio ensured that all Lamborghini drivers would be able to ride in comfort.

It doesn’t end there though, as Lamborghinis are fitted with complex suspension systems, high performance braking systems, intricate cooling systems and much more. All of the high-performance parts implemented proves Lamborghini doesn’t hold back when it comes to performance.


The iconic Lamborghini engine

It would be misleading to say there is only one reason why the Lamborghini engine is so special. There are several elements that root back to the perfectionism that Ferrucio required for his brand. It is known that Lamborghini has some of the best internal combustion engines ever made in the history of engineering.

This is true till this day, with the engine only getting stronger. Using a powerful turbocharger, it helps the Lamborghini reach incredible speeds in seconds. Essentially, these engines are suction based, meaning they work without the forced induction of superchargers. This feature along with the oxygen intake based on atmospheric pressure means that the engine has provided an interesting change in dynamics within the world of engineering and mechanics.


Limited number of Lamborghinis in the world

The Lamborghini continues to push boundaries till this day. Now under the ownership of the Volkswagen group, the brand remains one of the most luxurious, distinctive and interesting cars on the market.

Only putting out up to 8,500 cars a year, the Lamborghini brand creates an exclusivity that is reserved for the rich and famous, helping them to uphold a luxurious reputation.

Combining the stealthy speed, sleek and steel-cut design, the plush interior and the intricacies of each element, the Lamborghini is revered and rightly so. With hundreds of hours of manpower, the Lamborghini achieves perfection via every aspect.


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