What is mParking?

What is mParking?

Ordinarily, we have noticed stopping propensities among drivers in Dubai to be very poor; aimless stopping is wild across the city. Remembering this way of behaving, the mParking application was acquainted with guarantee that stopping discipline is kept up with while additionally offering comfort to drivers in the city. A portion of its key elements are shown underneath.


Enlistment for mParking is an unquestionable requirement so guarantee that you register prior to attempting to utilize mParking. Enrollment is necessary for all Car rental dubai yet particularly so for private vehicles not enlisted in Dubai.

mParking Use

Utilizing mParking is truly simple; it is accessible for both Du as well as Etisalat cell phones. The whole cycle is pretty much as straightforward as sending a SMS in the predesigned structure to 7275. The goal here is to get a Virtual Stopping Grant in the least demanding and generally helpful manner conceivable.


mParking carries with it an entire host of benefits. For example, it wipes out the need to pay special attention to Installment Show or PD Machines. Close by, you don't have to search for or have coins on you since installments can undoubtedly be made carefully.

There are a few different benefits too that include:

You want not stress over the stopping time that you have left.

Update cautions about extra stopping time are sent straightforwardly to your telephone.

You can expand your stopping time, whenever, anyplace, straightforwardly from your telephone.

Basically, innovation has been brought into an interaction that was pointlessly inconvenient. With mParking a ton of the issues confronted have been properly managed.

Driving and Stopping Rules Stay Consecrated

At this crossroads, it would be helpful to make reference to that the general standards and guidelines of driving and stopping in the city stay sacred. Assuming you are new to Dubai and are getting a Car rental dubai to self-drive, we would emphatically exhort that you guarantee observing all traffic guidelines, particularly as to driving and leaving. mParking is just a comfort to pay for stopping - it doesn't offer room on the most common way of stopping itself.


mParking has made paying for stopping enormously helpful and bother free, all over Dubai. Since its presentation, countless drivers have profited of its accommodation.

At Fast Drive Car rental dubai, we urge every one of our clients to profit mParking administrations. Just send a SMS in the assigned structure and you will be all set. Expanding stopping time is comparably helpful and bother free.

Visiting the various attractions in Dubai without stressing over stopping is currently a reality with mParking.