Top Four 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles for Desert Safaris in the UAE

Top Four 4-Wheel Drive Vehicles for Desert Safaris in the UAE

The experience of visiting the UAE is maybe fragmented without a desert safari. In the event that you take a gander at the schedules of well known traveler bunches you will perpetually find desert safaris remembered for them. These desert safaris are thusly best delighted in 4-wheel drive vehicles. In this article, we list 4 such vehicles which are particularly appropriate for desert safaris.

The Crosscountry Volvo XC70 from 1998 to 2016

This is a monster of a vehicle which not just handles desert sands magnificently; it likewise looks great. So when you are on a desert safari in this magnificence, you will particularly appreciate catching these enthralling minutes on film, with the car rental dubai adding to the engaging quality of the setting.

Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Limitless from 2004 to 2016

Once more, this is a car that stands apart as a genuine jewel with regards to setting out on desert safaris in the UAE. It is a very proficient vehicle which can undoubtedly endure sharp bends and turns. Its mobility is maybe one of the best in this space which renders it particularly truly reasonable for desert safaris. Furthermore, kid, does it look great!

Toyota Land Cruiser 2008 to 2016

The very rough, attractive and solid Toyota Land Cruiser is maybe the best decision for desert safaris, particularly in light of the fact that its treatment of sandy territory is maybe top notch. That is the explanation you will see that most desert safaris truly do will more often than not have Toyota Land Cruisers in their collection.

As a keen guest to the UAE, you have total elbowroom to go with the vehicle proposed to you by the visit administrator (on the off chance that you are on one). Any other way, you can without much of a stretch rent a Toyota Land Cruiser from car rental dubai firms like Quick Drive and appreciate cruising in it across the UAE!

Subaru Forrester 1998 to 2016

Rather further down the dominance hierarchy - when contrasted with different car rental dubai referenced in this article, is the Subaru Forrester. Nonetheless, that removes nothing from the vehicle which is effortlessly perceived as being truly strong and fit for taking care of drives around taken while on a desert safari, no sweat.


Desert safaris are an outright priority experience in the UAE. These desert safaris are thus best delighted in 4-wheel drive vehicles. We have recorded the best 4 of such vehicles in this article.

At Rapid Drive, we are truly glad to have this large number of vehicles in our assortment. So go ahead and rent one from us for your next extraordinary desert safari experience!