Top 7 Memorable Road Trips from Dubai

Top 7 Memorable Road Trips from Dubai

While there is such a great amount to see and involvement with Dubai, there is similarly as much to appreciate and value once you drive out of Dubai. In this article, we list 7 of the most significant spots you will totally adore heading to and from Dubai in your rental car.


One of the 7 Emirates that structure the UAE, Fujairah is arranged around 184 kilometers from Dubai. When there, you will particularly appreciate scuba plunging and journeying. The mountains in Fujairah offer stunningly gorgeous perspectives which you totally shouldn't miss.


Around 175 kilometers from Dubai lies Musandam - you will track down the drive till there in your rental car to be absolutely worth the effort! The fjords there are an extraordinary fascination, similar to the dolphins that should be visible swimming in the ocean off the shoreline of Musandam.


Dibba is one more gorgeous piece of the UAE, situated around 130 kilometers from Dubai. The drive till here is an involvement with itself, since you have the lovely blue ocean on one side and dazzling mountains on the other. The Dadna Ocean side here is actually quite famous so ensure you go there.


One more of the UAE's Emirates, Ajman brings a ton to the table to guests particularly probably the best sea shores in the country. The sand hills here additionally offer a few truly stupendous perspectives. The Ajman Historical center is likewise a should visit.

Jebel Jais

Not exceptionally distant from Dubai is Jebel Jais, which is the most elevated mountain top in the UAE. While the perspective on Jebel Jais is a sight in itself, the drive till here is likewise similarly as cryptic. At Rapid Drive, we earnestly suggest a drive till Jebel Jais with your loved ones, an outing which will be delighted in by all.


The fascination of Khasab lies in its fjords, very much like Norway. It is around 200 kilometers from Dubai, which makes for a generally excellent drive in your car rental dubai. When there, you can without much of a stretch participate in any of the various setting up camp exercises that are there on offer. Khasab Post likewise offers a few shocking all encompassing perspectives.

Jebel Hafeet

After Jebel Jais, this is the second most elevated pinnacle of the UAE. This untruths under 150 kilometers from Dubai, subsequently making it one more alluring drive from the city. Since the street here takes a lofty uphill climb, you will really keep partaking in the drive even after you arrive at here.


Obviously, there are a ton of spots that one can appreciate heading to from Dubai. At Rapid Drive, we highly esteem offering a wide assortment of vehicles that you can look over, for your next driving trip out of Dubai.