Top 5 Places to Drive from Dubai in Your Rental Car

Top 5 Places to Drive from Dubai in Your Rental Car

While Dubai is brimming with attractions that one can visit and experience inside the city, there are various spots in closeness which are comparably agreeable. The very reality that you can serenely head to these spots with a financial plan car rental dubai make them a significantly more appealing suggestion.


Around 200 kilometers from Dubai, the drive till Khasab is an encounter you will genuinely esteem. That is on the grounds that the street runs right along the shoreline with stunning perspectives up and down the way. Once in Khasab, you will truly partake in the fjords there which are truly likened to the ones in Norway. Suggested sea shores in Khasab incorporate Bassa Ocean side as well as Jebel Hareem.

Dibba, Fujairah

This is a piece of the UAE which is eminent for ocean side exercises incorporate swimming, scuba plunging, kayaking, and obviously old fashioned swimming. The dazzling blue ocean here is a sight in itself. Once in Dibba, don't pass up taking a comfortable boat ride!

Al Ain

A simple 120 kilometers drive from Dubai lays Al Ain, along the Omani line. The city is particularly notable for its noteworthy vegetation. In Al Ain, you will likewise appreciate perspectives on Jebel Hafeet, which is the second car rental dubai most noteworthy pile of the UAE. Once in Al Ain, you can appreciate visiting the Al Ain Zoo with its huge assortment of colorful creatures, alongside outings to the nearby galleries and abundant verifiable locales here.

Al Qudra Lake

A simple 30 minutes' drive from Dubai is Al Qudra Lake which really includes a few synthetic lakes. Other than extraordinary types of birds and fish, you can likewise recognize deer lolling in the brilliance of nature here. Al Qudra Lake makes for an ideal cookout spot for families and enormous gatherings. So on the off chance that you are a major escort voyaging together, this is an outing you ought to particularly consider, especially since the driving time and distance from Dubai isn't a lot.


The Emirate of Ajman perhaps some separation away from Dubai yet in the event that that isn't a worry, the drive till there will unquestionably be worth the effort, particularly given the delightful sea shores of Ajman as well as the extraordinary sand rises there, not usually seen in that frame of mind of the UAE.


There are an unbelievable number of spots that you can without much of a stretch drive to from Dubai. At Rapid Drive Car Rental, we are really glad to offer you a wide assortment of modest hatchback car rental dubai choices that you can browse, for your noteworthy excursion.