Top 5 Dangerous Roads in Dubai

Top 5 Dangerous Roads in Dubai

Tragically crazy driving in the city of Dubai keeps on causing various mishaps - including fatalities, every year. Despite severe transit regulations including a practically zero resistance strategy for driving while inebriated, numerous mishaps happen because of drivers being impaired.

In this article, we list 5 Dubai streets that routinely witness numerous vehicular episodes. The point of this article is to alert you so you practice extra limitation while driving on the streets referenced beneath with your financial plan rent a car in Dubai.

Emirates Street

Tragically, Emirates Street keeps up with its unenviable situation as the most perilous street of Dubai, with the greatest number of fatalities in the city of Dubai in the primary portion of 2017, happening on this very street. We prompt avoiding potential risk while driving on Emirates Street.

Mohammed receptacle Zayed Street

Measurements show Mohammed canister Zayed Street to be the second most hazardous street in Dubai, with the greatest number of mishaps and fatalities, after Emirates Street. Similarly as with Emirates Street, we would prompt that at whatever point you drive on Mohammed canister Zayed Street, you practice that extra cycle of wariness and limitation.

Sheik Zayed Street

Occupied Sheik Zayed Street is third on our rundown, according to the quantity of traffic episodes that have happened on it. With such countless people on foot nearby Sheik Zayed Street consistently, you particularly should be careful about jaywalkers who can arise onto the street from pretty much no place!

Dubai Al-Ain Street

Additionally alluded to as E 66 Street interfacing Dubai with the inside city of Al Ain, the risk here lies in foolish drivers who will generally over speed on the roadway. Obviously, in addition to the fact that you try not to over should speed for any reason, it is prescribed that you unequivocally give way to such vehicles while practicing restriction yourself.

Al Khail Street

Likewise alluded to as E 44 Street, this is the street that leads from Dubai to the inside town of Hatta. A similar street likewise in the end paves the way to Oman. Some significant distance drivers handle this street. Accordingly, a large part of the careless driving way of behaving alluded to in the event of Al-Ain Street above applies for this situation too. Along these lines, comparable watchfulness and limitation is suggested for this situation also.


A few streets in Dubai are particularly unsafe. Simultaneously, given their essential significance, you can't bear to stay away from them. At Fast Drive Ferrari Rental Dubai, we generally urge our clients to practice intense watchfulness while driving in the city of Dubai with their rental or rented car, on the previously mentioned streets as well as all over the place.