Top 4 Tips to Avoid Road Accidents in Your Rental Car

Top 4 Tips to Avoid Road Accidents in Your Rental Car

At the point when you rent a car in dubai - whether in Dubai or elsewhere, you have added liability of guaranteeing the prosperity of not simply yourself and your precious ones, yet additionally that of the vehicle that you have rented.

In this article, we share a few truly valuable tips to guarantee that both you, your friends and family as well as the vehicle you have rented - all stay free from even a hint of harm.

Keep away from Cell Phone Use while Driving

To the greatest degree conceivable, you should keep away from cell phone utilization while driving. In Dubai as well as most different regions of the planet, we have seen that a great deal of mishaps happen when travelers - particularly the driver, wind up utilizing the cell phone. Subsequently, just abstaining from doing as such while driving your modest rent a car in dubai air terminal 1 can go far in guaranteeing street security.

Keep the Music Volume Low

One more serious mix-up made by numerous drivers - particularly while renting a vehicle, is that they will generally keep the volume of the music that they are paying attention to, excessively noisy. This is certainly not a positive routine by any stretch of the imagination. You ought to continuously attempt to guarantee that the music framework on your vehicle plays music at a volume which doesn't upset paying attention to outside sounds. Really at that time will you be in complete control of your vehicle - as well as know about your environmental factors.

Driving drunk is an Outright No

Probably, you are very much aware that drinking itself is a significant no in the UAE, Dubai included. Presently, when you drive under the influence, your bad behavior increments even complex. This is much more so when you rent a vehicle and drive it. Consequently, by no means would it be advisable for you at any point drive drunk, not just in Dubai (where the punishment can be actually quite brutal) however in any region of the planet.

Possibly Drive When You Truly Expertise to

You ought to never drive on the off chance that you don't have any idea how to; this reality is even more pertinent if there should be an occurrence of a rental vehicle, where your risk in the event of any sad luck is much higher. In this way, ensure you accompany adequate driving experience, prior to taking on a rental vehicle.

This particularly incorporates in any event some level of knowledge of the kind of vehicle you are renting, be it a SUV, a rent a car in dubai, a hatchback, etc.


A street mishap is unquestionably the last thing you need while hoping to have a pleasurable encounter like renting out a vehicle in Dubai.

At Expedient Drive, we generally guarantee doing careful governing rules on the people we rent our vehicles to, to guarantee that there is literally nothing appalling that happens for any reason at all.