Three Key Questions to Ask Car Rental Agents in Dubai

Three Key Questions to Ask Car Rental Agents in Dubai

While renting a car in Dubai, we suggest staying caution and posing a few significant inquiries to your car rental specialist as recorded beneath.


You should be clear about the expense of renting a vehicle and make sure to questions connected with that. Recollect that other than the essential rental charge, a whole torrent of expenses is in many cases added-on by rental organizations. This incorporates different sorts of protection additional items, some of which you may not actually need!

To give you a model, numerous car renters in Dubai add on "rough terrain protection" that records for gambles related with going mud romping in your rental car. Assuming you have no plans of going 4x4 romping in any case, then you shouldn't need to pay the expense for that.

Support and Upkeep

Remember that once you rent a vehicle, its support and upkeep is your obligation. Any harm that happens to the car - you will be answerable for it. Appropriate inquiries to pose to on this incorporate the protection cover that is given on the vehicle and the sort of harms and dangers that it covers. What occurs assuming that the car is taken? How much, if any, will you be mindful? Similarly, in the event that there is harm to the vehicle, what will be your risk if any?

Close by, the car rental dubai organization will likewise advise you on a few fundamental customs. For example, smoking inside the vehicle is probably going to be taboo - you ought to keep that. There will be numerous other little viewpoints you will be supposed to take care of; ensure you really do as such.


Each car rental arrangement accompanies a few impediments. As a sagacious car renter, you should ask about these constraints and afterward maintain them. A proper model in this setting would be a logical restriction on taking the vehicle you have rented external the UAE. Numerous car renters might particularly want to head to Oman where spots like Khasab have their own interesting appeal and allure. Is it true that you are permitted to take your rental vehicle beyond the UAE and into Oman? You should affirm this.

Another restriction forced is that of drop-off date, spot and time. Infringement constantly lead to burden of extra expenses and charges, so ensure you comply with these limits.


A few fundamental yet significant inquiries posed to your car rental dubai organization can ultimately prompt tremendous inner serenity. At Expedient Drive, we are extremely glad to address any inquiries that you might have on the car rental cycle.