Three Grave Traffic Offences that Carry Hefty Fines in Dubai

Three Grave Traffic Offences that Carry Hefty Fines in Dubai

It is notable that Dubai has the absolute most rigid transit regulations on the planet. The incongruity is that still there are numerous who keep on abusing these severe guidelines and guidelines. Having seen this, the experts in Car rental Dubai have forced robust fines on different traffic offenses.

Among them, there are some that carry truly strong fines. We will see 3 such grave traffic offenses in this article. The point is to advise you about such fines with the goal that you are careful and don't enjoy wild way of behaving which could make you privy towards paying these weighty fines.

Driving under the influence

This is maybe the cruelest regulation in Dubai but a great deal of people decide to disregard it. We stress based on this in unequivocal conditions - don't drive drunk in Dubai for any reason. There is outright no resilience in Dubai for such way of behaving and you could confront a few truly troublesome fines - as much as 20,000 AED.

You will likewise be collected with 23 dark focuses on your driving permit. In the event that that isn't sufficient - and your degree of inebriation is viewed as impressively high, then you could confront prison time also, the length of which not set in stone by the courts.

Utilizing your Portable while Driving

In many regions of the planet, people will generally think about involving the portable while driving as should be expected way of behaving - and afterward they come to Dubai and assume things are a similar here. Indeed, they are not! Car rental Dubai, you can wind up paying a powerful 800 AED fine on the off chance that you are discovered utilizing your cell phone while driving. You could likewise lose 4 focuses on your driving permit.

Certainly, crises can emerge by which now and then versatile use becomes fundamental. For that, we suggest pulling over as quickly as time permits and afterward utilizing your portable. In addition, the present most recent cars have sound innovation to such an extent that you can utilize your telephone totally hands free. However, that announcement via web-based entertainment sure can stand by!

Bouncing a Red Light

One more grave offense, this one carries a fine of 1,000 AED and furthermore prompts having one's vehicle seized for a month. 12 focuses are likewise removed one's driving permit. On the off chance that one leaps a red light which thus prompts a serious mishap, then the results are truly extreme - a 30,000 AED fine with a whole blast of different outcomes.


In Dubai, it (in a real sense!) takes care of complying to transit regulations. At Fast Drive, we generally urge our clients to realize the traffic rules in Car rental Dubai and submit to them steadily.