Six Important Rules to Know About Renting a Car in Dubai

Six Important Rules to Know About Renting a Car in Dubai

While renting a car in Dubai, it is really vital that you keep the guidelines that oversee renting cars in the city. On the off chance that you don't, you may wind up (literally!) facing the music!

Driving Permit

As is the case in most different parts of the world, you want a driving permit to rent a car in Dubai. While locals can do fine and dandy with a UAE permit, expats need an International Driving Permit. In certain instances, local licenses of certain nations are acceptable in the UAE; in any case they first need to get a permit made locally.

Minimum Age Cutoff points

While to drive in the UAE, you should be at least 18 years old, you should be 21 to rent a car. Some car models mandate a minimum age of 25 to be driven.

Security Store

A security store is standard practice on all rental cars. So in the event that you are renting a car in Dubai, be prepared to pay a security store on it. The most effective way is to obstruct a certain part on your Mastercard; this hindered amount is then 'unblocked' when you return the car without incident to the car rental firm.

Driving past the UAE

Most car rental firms rent cars that are to be driven within the UAE just; you can not take them outside. We notice this especially because many clients are very quick to take their cars to neighboring places, especially Oman. For this, you will require another person with their very own vehicle, and not your rental car.

Valid Insurance

Your rental car has to have valid insurance on it no matter what. Most rental firms offer insurance as standard practice so that isn't a worry. What you really do have to search for is the coverage that is offered, especially inclusions and prohibitions. The idea will always be to have maximum coverage in case something untoward happens unfortunately.

Salik Cost Charges and Fines

Salik is the automated cost framework prevalent in Dubai. All Salik charges will be added to the final payable amount. Moreover, in case your vehicle is forced with a fine - say you parked wrongly or were caught driving without your seatbelt on, then, at that point, the fine for that will also be added to the final charge you are to pay.


Armed with clear information on the guidelines that apply while renting cars in Dubai, go ahead and rent any of the various cars that we at Expedient Drive have in our arsenal!