Five Most Common Traffic Violations Seen in Dubai among Car Renters

Five Most Common Traffic Violations Seen in Dubai among Car Renters

Traffic rules are intended to be complied. All things considered, they are there for a specific car rental dubai reason, prime among which is to guarantee the wellbeing of everybody in the city, be it individual drivers, people on foot, and you!

Sadly, a ton of people - including vehicle leaseholders, neglect to submit to these traffic rules. In this article, we share the main 5 traffic decide infringement that we see most often in Dubai among vehicle leaseholders.

Driving under the influence

Dubai has a steady zero resistance strategy on driving drunk at this point numerous vehicle tenants, generally expats, wind up doing as such. The fines on such infringement are outrageous to the point that even the well off struggle with paying them. This is far beyond conceivable prison time, punishments on the driving permit, and that's just the beginning. To say the very least when in the UAE, drive drunk by no means.

Bouncing Red Lights

Numerous vehicle tenants wind up bouncing red lights. Once more, the punishments on such offenses are so extreme but they wind up doing so and afterward face truly brutal results. We might want to remind every one of our perusers that bouncing a red light - which thus winds up causing a mishap, can have such serious outcomes that you will have a truly car rental dubai difficult stretch managing it - it is essentially not worth the effort!

Driving without Safety belts

Safety belts are for your own wellbeing; when you drive without putting them on, you open yourself to different dangers. The fine, in the event that you are discovered driving without a safety belt on, can be essentially as high as AED 1,000. Simply recollect that whenever you drive, you should have your safety belt on.

Over Speeding

Over speeding is one more of the normal criminal traffic offenses seen among people leasing vehicles in Dubai. It is the most considered normal infringement of all, truth be told. Fines for such infringement can begin from AED 600 and go as far as possible up AED 3,000. In the event that something serious, for example, a mishap occurs because of over speeding, the outcomes would essentially be ruthless.

The arrangement is essentially to be careful about speed limits where you are driving and consistently drive inside those cutoff points.

Not Having your Driver Permit

Driving out and about, you should have your driving permit with you. This could appear car rental dubai glaringly evident to most yet you will be astounded at the number of vehicle tenants "neglect" conveying their driving permit with them while driving; don't do that!


Lease a vehicle with us here at Quick Drive yet don't wind up committing the normal petty criminal offenses recorded previously!