Five Enchanting Destinations You Can Take Off to From Dubai

Five Enchanting Destinations You Can Take Off to From Dubai

The UAE unquestionably has a few truly captivating spots the nation over. Car in Dubai, one can undoubtedly take off to visit these spots and partake in a genuinely sensational excursion en route. In that soul, how about we take a gander at a few truly unique spots which you can undoubtedly visit from Dubai.


Very nearly 200 kilometers from Dubai is Khasab, a little port city in Oman's northern exclave. The drive till here is particularly fun; in the event that you don't have (or wish to take) your own vehicle, you can continuously employ a car from Rapid Drive. The fjords here are particularly noteworthy and suggestive of the ones in Norway, which is the reason Khasab has the moniker of being the Center East's Norway.

One safety measure on any outing to Khasab is twofold check assuming you are permitted to take your vehicle here, considering that you will really be going to another country.


Dibba is easily situated around 130 kilometers from Dubai. On an excursion here, you will truly partake in the drive, particularly the picturesque perspectives en route with mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. You will likewise track down Dibba to have its own curious appeal, a long ways from the hurrying around of Car in Dubai. In Dibba, we certainly prescribe going to Dadna Ocean side.


Just about 300 kilometers from Dubai, Liwa lies amidst its own dazzling desert garden, down south in Abu Dhabi Emirate. The street till here is truly enjoyable to drive, particularly since it doesn't observer a great deal of traffic. In the event that a long, heartfelt drive is the thing you have been looking for, an outing to Liwa would be simply great!


The long shore of Fujairah is ideal to go scuba plunging. Besides at somewhat shy of 200 kilometers from Dubai, the drive is sufficiently long to have an important excursion. Once in Fujairah, don't miss visiting the lovely Al-Hayl Palace there as well as Fujairah's notable stronghold.

Ras Al Khaimah

At a moderately unobtrusive 112 kilometers from Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah partakes in an exceptional spot in the hearts of numerous excursion lovers. All things considered, the drive till here is truly charming. Simultaneously, there is such a great amount to do once in Ras Al Khaimah including horse riding, paragliding and substantially more.


There are many captivating spots that you can without much of a stretch visit from Car in Dubai, serenely taking off in a rental car from us here at Expedient Drive.